Sunday, July 14, 2013


It's official - after two bachelorette parties in Nashville, I can confidently declare it the Vegas of the Midwest. If Nashville's tourism office hasn't jumped on that marketing ploy, they are seriously missing out.

My dear friend Ally - who got married yesterday!! - decided Nashville was the perfect place for us to celebrate her impending nuptials, and surrounded by sorority sisters, we had a blast. Here's a brief look at our weekend in country music's home.

The Lone Lauren Rapp

My beautiful sister-in-law is married! And has been for a month - I'm just super behind!  I still hope to share pictures from their adorable rehearsal dinner, but we shall see at this rate. Yeesh!

However, her wedding means I am now the sole Lauren Rapp, a very strange place to be in! For the past three years, Lauren graciously shared her name with me everywhere - home, family events, CVS, doctor offices, you name it. I'm sure that's not every sister-in-law's dream, but I couldn't have shared it with anyone better.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and a complete blast. The entire day and evening was so filled with love and joy, and it was beautiful to behold. Lauren and Ryan are such a wonderful couple, and everything about their big day was elegant and stunning! Since I'm so behind, I won't get into too much description, but I'm sharing a few pictures from her big day.

Congratulations, Lauren! And, welcome to the family, Ryan!

See some of my favorite photos from the wedding, below!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vegetarian Mexican Casserole

I promised I had some more new recipes ahead! This one came together as I was attempting to use all the remaining produce and pantry items before leaving for Chicago. I wanted to leave with John with plenty of freezer meals to get him through the summer. I saw this recipe for stuffed pepper casserole on Jourdan's blog, and it inspired me to put my own casserole together.

Not only is this dish packed with veggies and great flavor, it'a breeze to make and absolutely delicious! You can easily substitute other veggies - or even add ground turkey - and really make this your own. John and I both agreed this was a light, yet satisfying, take on Mexican food. I was quite tempted to take some with me, but I left it for my sweet hubby. Lucky for me, he's worth it. :)

Vegetarian Mexican Casserole
Recipe by Call Me Mrs. Rapp
Serves 4-8, depending on portions
{Bonus: It freezes and reheats very well!}

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moroccan Salmon Salad

Yikes! This recipe is from May - still editing photos, eek! - but it's a great to time to share it. The flavors are so unexpected and refreshing! Such a great meal to kick off your week, and so very simple to do. Thanks to Jourdan for posting this, and for Ally, who gave her the original recipe!

Moroccan Salmon Salad
Recipe by Whole New Mom, via Jourdan Leigh in the Kitchen
Serves 2

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