Sunday, February 13, 2011

Table Centerpieces

The hubby and I received two beautiful vases as wedding/shower gifts. The first was a Lismore Waterford vase and the second was a Tiffany vase.  As a one-income household - and teacher nonetheless - we're not in a position to be buying fresh flowers for our vases each week.  It used to make me sad to see my gorgeous vases without anything in them, so I decided to use them for centerpieces. I found spice-scented potpourri from Target for about $6 and found fake, yet good quality flowers from Wal-Mart for $3 each!

I found the flowers on my first trip to Wal-Mart since I lived in southern Illinois. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a Target snob, finding clothing, electronics, food and decor there, but shunning Wal-Mart. Well, I was wrong to do that. Wal-Mart had a much bigger selection of fake flowers, and they were way cheaper than Target AND HomeGoods, which is another of my favorite stores. If you are in need of nice looking, inexpensive picture frames, HomeGoods is the place to go. It's even great for holiday decor.  I bumped into my friend Jourdan there so she can vouch for it. :) Target/Wal-Mart centerpieces brighten up my dining room and living/family room so much. I am so happy to have them and I smile each time I see my vases filled with flowers. :)

Tiffany Vase with potpourri and flowers on our dining room table
Lismore Waterford vase with potpourri and flowers, next to an engraved wedding frame and an embroidered wedding handkerchief

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