Friday, December 9, 2011

How To: Make the Most of Your Tube Makeup

Hey there! The other day I realized that I could no longer get any more concealer out of my little tube. But I knew there was still some in there because I could see it! Fortunately I learned a little trick in high school - when I was trying to prolong the life of my favorite Clinique lip glosses - and I used it to get at least another 2 weeks out of my makeup.

And now I'm sharing this little trick with you in case you weren't as motivated to savor your favorite pink lip gloss once upon a time...

The trick? Removing an extra tube inside the tube, which cleans off the wand and prevents you from having a waterfall of makeup every time you pull the wand out. You may have never noticed it was there, but now that you do you can follow the steps below to get some more of that makeup!

One final not do this trick unless you are sure you can't get any more makeup out. If you do it too early (as I've done) you'll have a mess of a wand and a gooey lid.

How To: Make the Most of Your Tube Makeup
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*Grab a small object with a sharp tip or pointer (I have used tweezers, safety pins, sewing needles, etc.). The important part is that it is sharp and small.

*Look closely at your tube of makeup. If you look at the top carefully, you should see some plastic. You want to use your sharp object to pierce it as close to the actual tube as possible.

*Once pierced, carefully lift up to pull out this additional tube. If you pull too hard you will just rip the tube and will have to try again from a different part of the inner tube.

*When you pull it out you will be able to use your wand to get all the makeup/lipgloss out of the sides and top of your tube!

I tried to do the best with pictures, but I already used this trick before I even thought of making a post about it. Feel free to send me an email or leave me a comment if you have questions!

Using the tweezers to pull out the tube (you can see where it tore because I didn't pull gently at first).

Closer look


Ta-da! More makeup :)

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