Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decor: Garland and More!

The other day I was looking at the heading of my blog. You know how it says my favorite recipes, dishes and decor ideas? Well I realized I don't actually include decor ideas too often. In fact I've had floral centerpiece posts white, yellow, red and festive...and that's about it.

Cue need for some decor ideas! I've decided to share a few of the decorations and spreads I've done in our house, and I tried to say where I got each item, how much it was, and include the website link if applicable.

If I'm feeling extra festive I'll even post a few more posts about this. Better late than never, right?

Festive Garland for Media Console, Stand or Other Similar Space

What I used:
*1 14-foot garland, with lights (CVS, not available online, less than $10 when I purchased)
*Several individual three-berry holly leaves (HomeGoods, not available online, $5 pack of 20)
*2 Metallic Gold Ball Candles (Crate and Barrel, $8.95 each)
*1 Snowflake Ball Candle (Crate and Barrel, $8.95)
*2 Tree Candles (Crate and Barrel, Set of Four, $8.95)
*1 Lenox Wedding Promises First Dance Cake Topper (Bed, Bath & Beyond, $79.99)
*1 Personalized Name frame (Not sure, it was a wedding gift!)

How I put it all together:
I started by laying out the garland on the media console. We always have the personalized frame and cake topper out, so those just stayed where they were. Next I put the gold candles in place, symmetrical of course (I am such a spaz about this). I added the snowflake candle in the middle, since I only bought one. I then put the little pine trees between the gold candles and snowflake candle, again, for symmetry! Finally I used the red holly to festive it up a bit more and add some warmth and color.

Photo with flash...note The Grinch is on in the background!

Photo without flash...look at the nice lighting it gives :)
Metallic Gold Ball Candles, Decorative Holly pieces, Lenox Wedding Promises First Dance Cake Topper

Holly, Tree Candles

Snowflake Ball Candle

Holly, Metallic Gold Ball Candles, Personalized frame

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