Monday, June 18, 2012

There's a New Sheriff in Town

...a Mrs. Sheriff, that is!

Saturday night John and I went to a wonderful wedding for my good friend Deborah and her now-hubby Tyler.  Let me tell you, we could not have had more fun! As I type this my calves are still killing me from all the dancing that was done. When you get a bunch of sorority sisters together we're bound to have a blast and dance the night away. 

The reception was on the roof of the Regent Bank Tower, and the night was gorgeous and absolutely perfect. Below are some of my favorite photos of the night (all from my iPhone so not always the best). If I can figure out how to do it, I might just post a video or two from the evening as well - and one of those involves a rapping bride. My friends are awesome. 

Congratulations, Deborah and Tyler!!

One of my favorite wedding party intros...She was a bull and he was the bull fighter. Hilarious!

The beautiful bride & her hubby (love the sheriff badges, a throwback to Tyler's last name!)

Katie, Me, Lindsey, Jourdan (and baby girl!) and Jessie
Caitlin and I - and no slouching since we're both tall!
Me, Katie, Kelsey, Lindsey, Jourdan (and baby girl!)
Ready for a baby Alpha Phi!

"Call Me Maybe"
Almost all the Alpha Phis!

Enjoying the beautiful wedding and beautiful night with my favorite! :)


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