Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Indy 500...aka Hubby's Christmas

I awoke to John jumping up and down shouting "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" bright and early Sunday morning. Yes, my husband owns a calendar. And, no, we do not celebrate some other Christmas, if that even happens. However, the Indianapolis 500 is John's Christmas. He looks forward to it all year, and May is pretty much amass of everything to do with the race.

So, Sunday I went to my 5th Indy 500 with John and his family. We have a deal that I will continue to go until I'm pregnant/we have babies, as I would not find the day enjoyable in that situation. It will probably become my Christmas, too, once it's also known as "Mommy's Day Off." ;)

This 500 was particularly memorable as it was the hottest 500...ever. Sit on that. The temperature was 93, but with humidity the heat index was a cool 105 degrees. Glorious, glorious weather to sit and watch race cars (hello, sarcasm.) In spite of the blaring heat, we had a really good time, and I'm grateful I was able to go, especially to sit in such wonderful seats that were in shade.

Here are some photos from our day. I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, and that you remembered those who have fought so hard to preserve our freedoms. Thank you to all our soldiers!

Rocking some cool shades

Marco Andretti's pit stop

JB with doubly awesome sunglasses
I like to call this "Like Father, Like Son"

Staying cool thanks to Kelsey's fan!!
Kelsey and JB


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