Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Doesn't Love a Surprise Party?

Answer: No one!

Even if the surprisee - I make up words and clauses now; my journalism professors would be so proud - claims to not like surprises, everyone always has a blast at these shindigs.

This was no different! Leslie and her sisters threw a fantastic surprise party for their oldest sister Lori, and we had so much fun attending it and participating in all the festivities. We chatted with family and new friends, before retiring to the TV room to watch the IndyCar race. If you read my blog you shouldn't be surprised that John dragged us to watch it. I took that time for a lovely nap, before retiring for the evening.

 But before I did that, here's a little rundown of our evening.

For one, there was lots and lots of yummy food. Check out this spread! I became particularly fond of dipping the beer chips - who knew those existed? - into the roasted red pepper hummus. Hello yumminess. Everything else was super tasty, too.

The decorations were so fun! Look at the picture of Lori and her mom (gorgeous!) and then Lori modeling. Add in the cake and beautiful centerpiece, and I didn't even cover half the decorations. I was too busy enjoying myself, I guess. :)

And, for those interested, my ensemble for the evening. 

*Dress: Vince Camuto
*Wedges: Nine West, via outlet mall in Ft. Myers last year
*Purse: Marc Jacobs red leather crossbody bag, via Nordstrom last year (no longer available)
*Belt: via Nordstrom, circa 3 years ago
*iPhone case: Kate Spade, via Apple (similar to link)

Happy birthday, Lori! We love you!


  1. Cute outfit! That is quite the spread! Heyyyyy...I live in Ft. Myers. ;)

    1. Seriously?! Any suggestions on what we should do/where we should go!! How fun!!


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