Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pot Roast

This recipe came from an unknown guest of my Indianapolis bridal shower, thrown by my wonderful mother-in-law Leslie's (very sweet!) friends Julie, Jana and Marcia. They had the unique idea to ask each guest to contribute a recipe for a lovely recipe book.  Someone, who did not include their name on the card, gave me this recipe, and it is easily one of John's top five favorite dishes. I have wished so many times that I knew who gave this recipe to me so that I could thank her, so if you are that person, please speak up and claim your glory!

Now I know I claim most of the recipes and dishes I prepare are super easy, but this one truly is. There are a whopping six ingredients in this entire meal! Not to mention next to no work on your part, thanks to my good friend the slow cooker. I know you'll love this recipe - non-pot roast fans have actually enjoyed it! - and I hope it can become an easy Sunday staple for your home, as it has for ours.

*chuck roast (however large you'd like)
*2-4 potatoes (depending on the number of people you're serving and the amount of leftovers you'd like; I prefer at least one potato to each person)
*2-4 carrots (same as above)
*1 package dry onion mix (the same thing you add to sour cream for onion dip)
*1 can cream of mushroom soup
*1 can cream of chicken soup

*Combine soups and onion mix in a slow cooker, stirring well to ensure it's mixed well.

*Remove any desired fat from the chuck roast. Season both sides with salt and pepper. Place the chuck roast in the slow cooker, and cover both sides with the soup mixture.

*Peel the potatoes and cut them into halves or fourths, depending on your preference. (Note: they will shrink and potentially fall apart as they cook.) Add the potatoes to the slow cooker.

*Peel the carrots and cut them into thirds or fourths, depending on your preference. (Same note as above). Add the carrots to the slower cooker.

*Cook on low for 7 hours and enjoy your entire meal! (If you're preparing this on a day you're home, I like to turn the meat over about half way through cooking time. It's definitely not required though!)

All the ingredients in my slow cooker.
Not the prettiest picture, but I wanted to show you how much the juices from the meat and soup cook up.
A glance at how the meat looks inside. Nice and juicy :)

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