Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Stuffed Potatoes

...with the works, should continue the title (as it does in the cookbook where I got this recipe!). This isn't really a new recipe, but I like Rachael Ray's method of cooking the potatoes (so fast and easy) in her cookbook Classic Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals.

So, I was heading up to Chicago for a couple days to see my friend Jessie, and I knew I couldn't leave without whipping up a few things for the hubby. He's become a bit spoiled with my new found love of cooking.  I decided these would be easy and perfect for a late lunch before I hopped on the road. They were, and took no time flat to whip up. I'll definitely be making these again when I want a satisfying, warm, quick lunch. Or dinner. :)

*3 slices of bacon (I used applewood smoked uncured beef bacon from Trader Joe's), chopped
*2 all-purpose potatoes (I used russet)
*1/2 cup nonfat sour cream
*2 scallions, finely chopped
*1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (or your preference)
*salt and pepper to taste
For you vegetarians, just omit the bacon (assuming you are dairy-eating vegetarians)! :)

*In a small nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, brown bacon pieces, then drain on a paper towel. (I cooked mine and then chopped it up, but it's your choice).

*Pierce potatoes a few times each with a fork. Microwave on high for 12 minutes. Let potatoes cool for a few minutes before handling.

*Preheat broiler (mine was 500).

*Carefully split potatoes and scoop out flesh into a small bowl. Combine with sour cream, scallions, salt, pepper, cheese, and browned bacon.

*Scoop back into the potato skins, and place under broiler to lightly brown the tops. (Mine was in for about 5 minutes.)

*Serve immediately.

I pretty much massacred my potatoes

Insides in the bowl, check!

Look at that bacon! Did I mention there was no grease?? Might be a beef bacon convert.

Cheese and sour cream in the bowl, now ready for scallions and bacon.

Look how big these got once they were stuffed! I was shocked!

Up close and personal

View from overhead

Almost forgot to take pictures I was so excited to eat this.

So much yumminess in one package. I like it

One of these equals a perfect lunch!

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