Monday, February 20, 2012

MLM: Two Megs and a Jessie

Happy Monday! I say that though it certainly doesn't feel like Monday. As a teacher I had the day off - thank you President's Day! - and I used it to be super productive. Stops at the Apple store, Nordstrom Rack, a car dealership (yay for shopping for a new car!) and Trader Joe's, which was followed by cleaning, dishes, laundry and trying a new recipe! Although, full disclosure, I did start my day with a healthy dose of trashy TV...hello Real Housewives of Orange County, you are not as entertaining as the Beverly Hills Housewives.

Normally I would have posted this first thing this morning, but over the weekend my computer pretty much stopped working. It. Was. So. Slow. The problem? I only had 2 GB of space left on my hard drive. My poor Mac. I made my first stop today to the Apple store to pick up a new external hard drive. After transferring tons of files and music tonight, I finally have a computer willing to work for me!

I drove up to Chicago Saturday night for a girls' night in the city! My sister, Meghan, was in town for her birthday celebration, and I was so excited to see her. Now that she lives in Alabama our visits are less frequent and more difficult to plan. To make things even better? My friend Jessie let us crash at our apartment, and my oldest friend Megan came out with us too! If anyone would have told us in high school that we would volunteer to hang out with my sister I think we would have laughed in your face. How times have changed!

My oldest friend! 10 plus years! :)
We started the night hanging out at Jessie's apartment and snacking on some Ranalli's pizza and desserts. It was great to catch up and just talk without distractions and loud people around us. We decided to head to Blue Agave for some chips and salsa and margaritas! Mango for the Megs and four-berry for me. Jessie met up with us after she got out of work, and we headed to another spot to celebrate Meg's birthday - and Megan buying a house with her wonderful hubby. It was a blast, and I had the best time with some of my favorite girls!

me and my sis!
We headed home a little while later, which ended up being the worst part of the night. We were walking in a crosswalk (with the green!) when a cab suddenly tried to turn the corner (running a red light) and blaring on his horn because we were in the crosswalk. I, being the fast walker that I am, was ahead of everyone and closer to the cab. I tried to start a light jog to get out of the way - instincts gone wrong - and wound up tripping in my 5-inch heels and wiping out on the curb. Awesome.

Besides ripping my pants and the satin off my favorite shoes, I now how scabs on my knees and arms (in addition to the soreness that it brings). I feel like a kid who wiped out on her roller blades going down a very steep hill (I never did that...). While John started by saying this was another example of me needing to slow down, he also reminded me that I could have been hit by the cab, which would have been much worse. Now we both have recent bruises and battle scars. What a pair we are!

knees looking good...
I rounded up my Chicago trip by having brunch with my mom, brother and sister near O'Hare, where my sister was flying out of. Let me tell you, Gibson's seared tuna salad is delicious!

my and my brother (George) and sister (Meghan)! (sorry, mom - the other pic wouldn't download!)
Welp, I'm off to finish my fourth load of laundry...Yikes! I need to develop a better system and not procrastinate so much. Suggestions are welcome. Hope you all had wonderful weekends!


  1. I made the blog....AGAIN!!!! SO exciting ;) xoxo a picture means big things!!

    1. Picture AND a title! YOu are just so special. :)

  2. cleaning schedule! it seriously helps so much!


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