Monday, February 27, 2012

Princess #2

I've had some fun weekends to share with you the past couple Mondays. There was date night and then my trip to Chicago. This weekend didn't involve any fancy outings or trips, but it was glorious. Why? I did pretty much nothing. Seriously. I had a long week at work (busy preparing for a work-trip that I leave for tomorrow!), and I wanted nothing more than to relax with the hubby and Hoosh. I took a nap Saturday and Sunday, and we watched movies and spent some quality time together.

During that time we had an interesting conversation. Hoosh was being her personable self, grumbling at us for a number of reasons...getting up from our nap on the couch - How dare you! I was comfortable, Mom!

...not giving her enough attention once we were moving - Rub my belly! Give me snuggles!
Snuggles are more important than acting like a lady...Besides, I'm the baby.
...not getting her toy when it falls behind the couch (which she can reach) -'re supposed to do that for me.

Fine...I'll get it myself. You must not love me anymore.
Hoosh is like our child and often spurs conversations about future children.  John constantly jokes that she is exactly like me - clearly only my best qualities - and during her grumbling he laughed and said, "I'm going to end up all girls aren't I? If I get princesses three and four one day, you have to deal with them since I've spent years putting up with princesses one and two."

Ha! Clarifying above, Hoosh and I are princesses one and two, and the hubby said that in good humor while being playful. I don't think of myself as one of those "princess" girls, but I will admit that I have my moments. I can be a bit 'tudesy at times (umm who isn't?), but John does have his hands full with two ladies like Hoosh and I!

My name is pronounced "Hooge" as in short for "Hoosier" dad is only slightly obsessed with IU.
Now, I've resigned myself (happily!) to spending my life in basketball gyms with three boys - in John's generation, there is one girl and nine boys, I'm just playing the odds - but it's fun to think about what God will give us and what our lives will be like in the future when we have a bigger family. I know He has a plan for us and will (hopefully) bless us with children one day (we're not ready just yet!).

So here's to Hoosier Lady, who is full of spirit and love and has warmed our hearts.

She's our little "stinker" (yes, she responds to that name)... 
I'm snuggled and perfect. Don't move the princess.

...a little rascal...
I was not going to try to snag an ornament...
and is most certainly Princess #2 :)

I only sleep on people...I'm like the princess and the pea, I can't handle anything less than perfection.

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