Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIAW: Travel Edition

Hello from Herndon, Virginia! I'm here this week for work (so weird to say given my job!), along with three other teachers from my school. We're here to attend an international internship, hosted by a Charlotte Mason school network so that we can learn more about Charlotte Mason's educational philosophies and practice. I'm excited for this opportunity and to add more to my teacher bag!

Since I'm traveling I decided to make this What I Ate Wednesday segment, hosted by the blogger behind Peas and Crayons, from my day of travel (Tuesday). This isn't my usual day of mini meals, but in spite of being away from home - and my kitchen! - I'm still doing my best to eat healthy and keep up with my fitness routines - hello walking up and down 12 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. 

As this is the last WIAW "Love your Veggies Month," I tried to make sure I packed some in.

Breakfast: I started my day bright and early heading to the airport. I didn't get my usual breakfast of late - Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and/or a whole wheat mini bagel. However, I did keep it light and managed to avoid the amazing smells coming from Auntie Anne's.

Tall nonfat (no whip) white mocha plus a fruit cup from Starbucks
Lunch: After we landed, waited for luggage, found our rental car, checked into the hotel and unpacked (phew!), we were all ready for some lunch! We headed on a little trip into the closest town center, and settled on a restaurant we had never heard of: Stone's Cove Kitbar (which apparently means kitchen and bar - I had no idea). I saw a hearty salad on the menu and jumped on it, knowing it would fill me up and help me stay track. I gobbled most of it, minus half the chicken (it was a little dry) and the dressing (it sounded good, but was too much with all the flavors in the salad).

Filled with goodies!
Romaine, arugula, spinach, avocado, tomato, bacon, seasoned chicken and green onion,
with Gorgonzola honey-lime dressing on the side.
After lunch we headed to Washington, D.C. (about 25 miles from our hotel) so we could enjoy a little of what our nation's capital has to offer. We spent time at the National Gallery of Art, and my favorites were easily the late 18th to 19th century French artists. I just love how dreamy the paintings are, especially the impressionistic ones.

We only had a little time left, and couldn't find parking (boo!), but I did get a chance to visit the World War II Monument, which was only established in 2004. I thought it was beautiful, and I am so glad that I was able to visit it since it was not there the last time I was in D.C. (a loooong time ago!).

During our drive back to the hotel I snacked on a hand full of Peanut M&M's - thank you for "enabling" me, April :) We got back to the hotel to relax for about an hour before dinner. I managed to squeeze in a mini workout - those stairs! -plus some squats, lunges, wall sits and crunches in my hotel room. A quick shower and I was so ready for dinner!

Dinner: The lovely concierge gave us some suggestions about where to go for dinner, and we hopped in the car and headed to an adorable city center, filled with cute shops and fun restaurants. I happened to see one of my favorite restaurants from Chicago, Mon Ami Gabi, which was in the lobby of my apartment in Chicago. We decided to save that one for tomorrow (yes!), and we headed to Uncle Julio's instead (another restaurant I've enjoyed in Chicago).

Pardon fuzzy photos...I didn't want to use the flash and seem rude during our group dinner.

Chips to snack on while waiting for our meal.
While there were many tempting items on the menu, I settled on a "heart healthy" option (their label), mesquite grilled salmon with veggies (zucchini, squash, onions and a couple jalapenos). It was full of flavor, and I was pretty impressed - if only that could be said of our service. I left satisfied and feeling good.

salmon and veggies, served with a yummy mango salsa!
Welp, I'm off to watch the White Collar season finale - love, love that show! I hear there is a big cliffhanger so I can't wait until I'm home Friday to watch it. Hope you all have wonderful Wednesdays! I'll be back to let you know how the first day of my conference goes. Wish me luck. :)


  1. ooooh Herndon! I was born there, and now live in Australia :)
    Delicious looking salad!

    1. How neat! It was fun to explore the area a bit - and yes that salad was great! :)

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