Monday, April 9, 2012


Does anyone else feel this way? I look at the calendar and think, how could it possibly be April? Somehow the fall months seem to move along so slowly but suddenly we're in spring and I couldn't be happier. How about you?

Welp, tomorrow I go back to work. I have to admit, I've had a pretty wonderful break. John was off most the time, thanks to freezes in his clinic, which meant we go to spend lots of time together.

Here's my spring break in pictures...with some text included... ;)

I just love Zoo babies!

with the birthday girl!

french dip sandwiches...mmmm :)

Charles by Charles David 'Legit' Wedges via ideeli, (not available in purple online)

Colorblock Teardrop Earrings via Arden B (not available in blue online)
Oh, and I have little elf ears, like my Aunt Em :)

A brutal run on a super windy day...well worth the workout, though!

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  1. So very happy we're already in April, but also not happy to be back from spring break. Oh well, I guess summer's not that far away!

    Can't wait to see you this weekend!!


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