Monday, April 30, 2012

Now and Then

Does anyone remember the movie Now and Then? It was my absolute favorite growing up. I remember my sister and I would hop on our bikes and ride to a little strip center in town. We'd get some subway, TCBY and then pop into Blockbuster, usually to get the same movie - Now and Then.

It also had nothing to do with my then-crush on Devon Sawa. ;)

The film still holds sentimental value, so whenever it is on I have to watch it. I was thinking about that movie after my weekend. Saturday night was my friend Deborah's bridal shower. It kind of combined my two groups of college girlfriends and sorority sisters - the Indy bunch and the Chicago bunch.  We had an absolute blast, and it just reminded me of how much farther we are from college, but what wonderful memories we have then, and continue to make now.

I don't remember the last time we were all together, besides my wedding maybe. I dug through some old pictures of us in college, and I've included a few here, along with the pictures from Saturday night.

Love all you girls!

Jessi, Me and Lindsey
Jessi and the bride-to-be Deborah!
Nicole and Chelsey
Deborah, Me and Lindsey
Kelsey, Lindsey, Deborah, Me, Jessi
...and Then

Our season-ticket basketball group: Deborah, Me, Rachael, Caitlin, Jessi and Nicole
Little 500 - and the room where I met John!
Deborah, Nicole, Jessi, Me
On our porch senior year of college
Lindsey, Me, Caitlin, Deborah, Jourdan and Nicole
Senior year roommates! Me, Deborah, Jourdan, Caitlin, Jessie and Nicole


  1. So fun to look at pictures from the past! You haven't changed a bit!

    1. Aww thanks! Lately I've been feeling like I'm so far from it, so that's nice to hear. :)


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