Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lightened-Up Dill Dip

I've shared some family recipes with you in the past, including Texas Sheet Cake and Templeton Taco Pie. Both have been huge hits, and this one will be no different. It's another recipe from the family cookbook my mom made for me, and one that John and I have both enjoyed on many occasions.

One of my favorite parts about this dip is that it goes in a Hawaiian round loaf (with the center cut out). It's the perfect bread to go with this, but I found that veggies are awesome with it as well. I lightened this up a bit and added a protein punch by making the base nonfat Greek yogurt (as opposed to mayo and sour cream). John said he couldn't taste a difference, and I know the girls appreciated the lighter fare.

This recipe is a breeze and will be the perfect thing for a cookout, shower or get together. Trust me, you will be glad you made it! And thanks to John's wonderful mom for the recipe! :)

Lightened-Up Dill Dip
Recipe adapted from my mother-in-law Leslie
Serves at least 8 as an appetizer

*1 lb Hawaiian bread loaf (you can get another for extra dipping!)
*1/2 fat free sour cream (original recipe was 1 cup)
*1/2 cup light mayo (original recipe was 2 cups)
*2 cups nonfat Greek yogurt (you can play with the sour cream-mayo-yogurt ratio you like)
*5 tablespoons minced onion
*3 tablespoons parsley
*5 tsp dill weed
*5 tsp beau monde seasoning
*veggies for dipping (I used carrots, celery and bell peppers)

*Combine sour cream, mayo, Greek yogurt and seasonings in a bowl. Cover bowl and allow to sit in fridge overnight.

*Before serving, dig or cut out center of Hawaiian bread loaf. Transfer dip to the center. Serve with the bread you cut out and veggies. Eventually eat the loaf the dip is in!

And the chubby cheeks started early ;)

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