Monday, April 16, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

Happy Monday! I'm not going to lie, I'm a wee bit tired today. I blame my whirlwind weekend, plus the energy drink I had yesterday on my way home from Chicago. I don't know about you, but whenever I go out of town during a weekend I feel like the weekend is way too short. C'est la vie, right?

Friday night John headed to southern Indiana for a fraternity brother's bachelor party so the pup and I had the house to ourselves! I know she enjoyed catching up on Real Housewives and Smash with me. Who wouldn't enjoy that? (Besides John, that is).

Trashy TV is the best, mom!
Saturday the pup and I were up bright and early to get ready for our trip to Chicago. Packing for Hoosh is made easy with this adorable bag my mom got for her for Christmas. It even has portable bowls that fit in cute pockets on the other side of the bag. Talk about a spoiled puppy.

As soon as I got to my friend Jessie's, I headed out to meet up with my dear friend Katie. We had not seen each other since her wedding - almost a year ago! - and it was beyond wonderful to catch up over brunch and mimosas. I had an omelet with bacon, cheddar, tomatoes and scallions, and we split an order of beignets. Both were super tasty, but the company was the best part. We have got to make a point to do that more often! (Right, Katie?) Side note: If you have not been to Elate (part of Hotel Felix in Chicago) I highly recommend it!

After brunch I had a bit of down time before going to dinner at Sunda for my friend Caitlin's birthday. We all got a cocktail to toast [I opted for a pear sparkling sake] and had a great time catching up. I wasn't crazy hungry after my filling brunch, so Jessie and I split a hot dish [crabcake crusted ahi tuna with a teriyaki glaze] and a red dragon sushi roll [shrimp tempura, unagi, spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy flakes and amazing sauce].

Saturday eats!
The dinner was amazing, but I appreciated spending time with friends I don't see too often even more. We spent the rest of the evening at Caitlin's boyfriend's house, and Jessie and I retired pretty early. I knew I had a long drive home the next day, and teacher Lauren has an early bed time!

Yesterday was spent driving, catching up on gym time and cleaning our apartment. I didn't sit down from 2 pm until close to 8 pm, but I felt so much better about all I had accomplished. Hoosh was so happy to be reunited with John (as was I!!) - we missed him so much! It was nice to have our little family back together before starting the work week. :)

How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed it!

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