Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break: Day One!

Hey there! I've missed you! Someone else did, too...super puppy!

I have been pretty absent the past few days. To be honest, all my parent-teacher conferences really took it out of me. I don't know why I get so nervous beforehand - oh wait, I do, it's called my Chicago teaching experience - because they went so, so well. I am beyond blessed with amazing students and parents and to be working in a supportive school.

I caught up on some sleep this weekend, had some good workouts, and John and I went to a fun BBQ to watch the final four games. I also did some grocery shopping and menu planning, which (dork alert!) is one of my favorite things to do. On the menu for the next two weeks: chicken fajitas, baked "fried" shrimp with Greek yogurt dipping sauce, french dip sandwiches (recipe coming soon!), homemade pizza, chicken enchiladas (a first in this house!), salmon with creamy dijon sauce, pasta with pesto and tomatoes and ahi tuna steak. Phew!

I also cooked up some awesome new meals! Here's a sneak peak at what's to come:

As for my first day of spring break, today was a mixture of things. Let's see...I did seven loads of laundry - sheets, towels, clothes, everything! I also had a Mad Men marathon with John. We're super late on the bandwagon, and are almost through the first season. When we ran to CVS for a quick errand we came home to a not-so-great surprise...Hoosh had somehow managed to knock over a bottle of ibuprofen.

Insert panic attack. We called the vet and immediately took her in, as we weren't sure if she had accidentally eaten any of them. The vet gave her an IV to make her throw up, and they searched through see if there were any ibuprofens in there. They didn't find any, but they still kept her for observation for a bit and gave her some coal to absorb anything missed in her little tummy. Now she's on "bland" food and antacids (she is like her mama in the latter!) for the next 5 days.

However, not to fear...when we went to pick her up a few hours later she was happy and perky and back to her usual self. We even stopped by John's parents to let her run around outside. She had a blast, and clearly was feeling better.

Oh, and, after our outdoor adventure, Hoosh saw Tigger the cat, and decided she wanted to play. Just look at that tail! You can't even see it she's wagging it so much. Tigger didn't feel the same. Poor Hoosh. 

Welp, we're back to our Mad Men and laundry marathon now. Hope you enjoyed your Mondays! I'll try to update you on my week off. Tomorrow is shaping up to be an awesome day: hair cut/color/keratin + mani/pedi + errands + workout = LOVE.


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