Monday, March 12, 2012

Chicken with Creamy Mustard Sauce

I did a little blog catch up this week  - I didn't have time to keep up when I was away last week. I saw this recipe from The Pioneer Woman (love her) that I knew I had to make, especially since I had all the ingredients on hand - minus the wine, though that was easy enough to pick up and enjoy a glass of while cooking...hello, $2.99 Charles Schwab and thank you Trader Joe's.

This. Was. Fabulous. I've noticed I tend to use phrases like that when trying Ree's recipes -> just see here, here, here and here for evidence. She has an amazing ability to combine simple ingredients and transform them into easy-to-make and utterly delicious dishes. I love it! How do I acquire those abilities? I will do almost anything...except, you know, move to a ranch like her...I'm a city girl at heart (hello, Chi-town!), so Indy is about as country as I go! ;)

Like all of The Pioneer Woman's recipes (see links above), this dish was rich. I decided to do my best to lighten it up, so that is the recipe I've shared below. Honestly, this was still delicious and filling, and, while I've never had the original version, I didn't notice anything missing from this awesome dinner. Please make this! I promise you will not regret it. YUM.

Chicken with Creamy Mustard Sauce
Recipe adapted from The Pioneer Woman
Yields 3-4 small chicken breasts with sauce  
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*3 small, thin boneless skinless chicken breasts (or 2 regular/large chicken breasts)
*1 tbsp olive oil
*1 tbsp butter, plus 1 tsp
*3 cloves garlic, minced
*1 cup white wine (I used chardonnay)
*1 tbsp (heaping) dijon mustard
*1 tbsp (heaping) grainy mustard (I used stone ground)
*1/4 cup nonfat half and half
*1 tsp flour
*salt and pepper, to taste


*Salt and pepper both sides of chicken breasts. Note: If using large chicken breasts, cut the chicken breasts in half lengthwise so that you have four smaller, thinner chicken cutlets.

*Heat oil and 1 tbsp butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook cutlets on both sides until nice and golden brown and cooked through. Remove chicken from the skillet and keep on a plate.

*Reduce the heat to medium. Add the garlic to the pan and saute it for a minute, stirring to make sure it won't burn. Next pour in the wine (being careful if cooking over an open flame). Let the wine bubble up and cook until it's reduced by half.

*Throw in the mustards and stir to combine, then pour in the half and half (note: the nonfat will create spots in the sauce; nothing is wrong with the dish, it is the lack of fat in the milk). Add flour and 1 tsp butter and mix. Taste sauce and adjust whatever you think it needs.

*Add chicken breasts back to the pan, nestling them into the sauce. Allow sauce to cook for another few minutes, shaking the pan if needed to move things around.

*Serve chicken with a green salad, spooning the sauce over the top of both. YUM!

My chicken breasts

Cooking up!
Sauce...and chicken cooking in the sauce
All done! Delicious!

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