Thursday, March 22, 2012

Family Fun

What a week! I missed some of my favorite posts, too. No "My Life Mondays" because my life was a fever Monday and Tuesday. Bleh. No "What I Ate Wednesdays" because all I ate were saltines and a little pasta those days. Boring. (And honestly, who cares to see that?) However, we did have a family-filled weekend and lots of fun so I thought I'd catch you up on it.

Friday night we went to dinner with John's parents, siblings and siblings' significant others. We ate at BRAVO!, a great little Italian restaurant.

We started with the calamari, and it made its way around the table and was picked clean. John and I split the lobster bisque - oh my goodness, hello rich, creamy deliciousness - and then I ordered the salmon for my entree. Everything was super tasty, and we both had leftovers to box up. I love when that happens!

After dinner I met up with my good friend Ally for a cocktail and some girl talk at The Northside Social. I don't normally drink cocktails, so I left it up to the bartender to decide for me. She didn't disappoint! My pear-infused drink tasted like candy. John was sweet enough to drive Ally and I, so we enjoyed our time together catching up and dreaming of our couples' vacation this summer!

Saturday was the big semi-state basketball game for JB! We were on pins and needles the whole game it was so close! I did my fair share of yelling at the refs - it was totally justified, and I blame my husband for rubbing off on me. But in the end...we won! Check out that score!

We celebrated with some pizza and salad at John's parents house with his aunts and uncle and cousin, and then we all watched IU win and make it to the Sweet Sixteen!! We were all jumping and screaming and it was an end to a great, but basketball-filled day.

Sunday was beautiful! After a workout and grocery store run, I came home to go for a nice long walk with the hubby and pup. I couldn't help but notice all the signs of spring around us! What a gorgeous day it was to walk.

This girl didn't mind at all. ;)

She did, however, get all sorts of antsy when she saw a dog across the lawn and we wouldn't let her go play. I know, we are so cruel.

Oh! And remember those TOMS I exchanged because someone (ahem, John, ahem) didn't like them? Well here are the new ones...Love them! So comfortable and even John didn't have a problem with them. I win. :)

At the end of our walk we did our best to get a family picture, but Hoosh wasn't cooperating. For some reason she didn't understand that she was supposed to look at the camera, and not at us. Eh, oh well. Family fun at its best.

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