Monday, March 26, 2012

The Odds Were in Our Favor

Any Hunger Games fans out there catch my little reference above?? Aka the famous line "May the odds be ever in your favor." Well, not only did my weekend include going to see The Hunger Games (twice!), it was full of other happy events.

Immediately after school Friday John and I headed downtown to catch The Hunger Games. I was panicking that we wouldn't make it on time or shows would be sold out (some were), but fortunately we were able to catch a show. I loved it!! I loathed the teeny-boppers who were talking, shouting, booing, cheering, etc. during theentiremovie. I left happy I had seen it, but irked by the distractions...more to come on that later.

We raced home to catch the IU game, but unfortunately the odds were not in our favor. My beloved Hoosiers fell to UK, but I was proud of their season. Who knew we'd make it this far this year?

We were up bright and early the next morning to go see JB's state championship basketball game. Aaaaaand...they won!! By 22!! They pulled a big lead pretty early on and held onto it, playing fantastic basketball and winning back-to-back state titles. So proud of JB and his teammates!

We didn't have too much time to celebrate before we were back watching John's two cousins play in their state championship game...And they won! The odds were in favor of the Rapps this weekend. :) A celebratory dinner filled with fried pickles, onion rings and a chopped salad followed our day of basketball.

Family photos from the big win!
Sunday morning John did something extra special for me...he went to see The Hunger Games again! We went to the 9:30 IMAX showing, hoping the teens were still in bed. Turns out? They were! I enjoyed the peace of watching this fantastic movie (did I mention that I loved it?!) and enjoying the huge screen. This movie was totally meant for IMAX.

We rushed home to do some cleaning and catch the opening race of IndyCar season, aka John's second-favorite thing in the world (I'm assuming I still get number one... ;) ). My stepmom stopped through on her way to visit her parents in Ohio, and we enjoyed a quick visit. She also brought a beautiful silver platter that was passed onto me when my grandmother passed away. It's our first piece of silver, and I just adore how exquisite it looks.

We capped off our weekend by celebrating JB's birthday at Benihana's. John and I were the only two to go the seafood route, but we really enjoyed our scallops and seared tuna. Yum!

It was a family-filled weekend - and busy! - but full of great moments and memories. I hope your weekends were enjoyable as well! What were you up to?

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