Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIAW: Date Day!

Since I've shown you what I eat on a typical week day, I thought I'd share some eats from my weekend. Because you've been losing sleep over not knowing, right? Riiiiiight.

Thanks for hosting What I Ate Wednesdays, Jenn! Total lack of greens, but a good day nonetheless. It was the weekend, so that counts too, right? No, this was not a cheat day. I don't believe in those. This was a fun, beautiful Sunday, and I don't feel guilty about anything.

So, let's be honest with each other. I may or may not have stayed up until 3:30 a.m. watching the third and final season of United States of Tara. Why? I have no idea. Did I mention that 3:30 a.m. was before the "jump ahead" time change? Needless to say I a lot. Hello late morning...Oh boy.

By the time Hoosh and I dragged ourselves out of bed (she overslept with me!), John was ravaged and ready for some food. I, meanwhile, was ready to get out and enjoy the gorgeous day that awaited me. So, we compromised. We decided to make the almost 2-mile walk to one of our favorite spots - Yats! Yats is Cajun Creole, and is delicious! It is simple, and tasty and never disappoints.

Before and after
Whatever you do...order the Chili Cheese Etouffee with Crawfish!
Served over rice with amazing garlic bread. Yummmmm!
I wish we could have taken this girl, but dogs aren't allowed inside, and she would not wait patiently for us to eat at a restaurant. But look how cute?

After lunch we took a walk to the Indiana War Memorial. We walked through the memorial and the museum. When John was an Eagle Scout he cleaned the statues in the memorial room, but neither of us had been through the museum. We saw some fun stuff in there, and it's nice to take advantage of some local treats.

Some notes...September 17 is my birthday! Yay for signing the Constitution that day...
the room John polished as an Eagle Scout...
The nurse uniform...I bet Maggie  or Shae could totally turn this into something awesome!
Look, I'm in Paris! (or...not)
Ernie Pyle...My alma mater's building (go Journalism School) is named after him!

After we walked home, we were both pretty pooped. I ate a yummy Greek yogurt for some dessert, though I was really craving the frozen yogurt we passed after Yats. Darn you, full stomach! The yogurt was might tasty though.

After some relaxing and watching 24 (thank you, Netflix, for John's new obsession) I decided to get started on dinner. After browsing the fridge and pantry I decided to make some Spinach, Caramelized Onion & Chicken Quesadillas! They turned out awesome. I absolutely loved them - and so did the hubby. Score!

I also nibbled on some roasted Kale that I made...a little salty, but good.

After all my nibbling I was still craving that darn frozen yogurt...Lucky for me John took me to get some! We drove this time (it was almost 10 p.m.!), so we brought the puppy with us. She watched me snack on my delicious cheesecake, tart and mango gummy bears and sprinkles and strawberries. Exactly what I needed to end my day.


  1. Looks very fun! And is it bad that frozen yogurt is looking amazing to me--and school hasn't even started yet?

    1. Not at all. In fact, now I am craving some cake batter frozen yogurt.


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